Home business to international franchise in 3 years

Running a small business from our kitchen has been transformed into operating an international franchise from home in just three years.
Offering the right products coupled with a good helping of hard graft has resulted in growth that we never imagined possible in such a short time frame and with so few overheads.

What a month we had in May with no fewer than one thousand new customers signing up with us. We averaged 50 per month this time last year, to put that figure in a little perspective.
It’s a very timely achievement too as this month marks the third anniversary of what has evolved into the Sculpt Movement. It all started in June 2013 when I started selling Juice Plus+ and amassed 14 customers in the first four weeks.

I was delighted at the time, thinking that just maybe I could make an extra bit of cash to help firefight the mounting monthly household bills. Everything has moved so fast since then that myself and my husband Seamus have hardly had the chance to catch our breath.We are pinching ourselves as we celebrate not only our third anniversary in the business but our best performing month by far to date.

It’s been a busy few years packed with hard work but the reward has been great in terms of financial freedom and the Liberty that it has provided to allow us to live life on our own terms, and enjoy as much family time as possible.

We’ve assembled a team of partners which spans eight countries around the world, making our franchise a truly international entity. With a team of 300 distributers now part of the Sculpt Movement there is an abundance of mutual support from good people to continue the upward trend of be business.

Our plan was to double the business in 2016 and we’ve already achieved that and more in a six month period. The Sculpt team has the hardest working people I have ever come across. People who know how good the product they sell is and who simply love to let others know about it. They deserve much more credit than I can ever pen in this blog post. Our team – we salute you.

What more cause do we need to celebrate our third anniversary in style.
Next week our team is off to Portugal for a celebratory Sculpt Movement retreat. This will allow a few days to reflect on our success and project our future expansion while taking plenty of time to relax and unwind in five-star luxury.
What better way to look towards the next six months of growth than to enjoy some time at the pool and a little lazing on the beach.

At the core of the Sculpt Movement’s values is the promotion of healthy living and balanced lifestyles for those we work with. So while there is hard work there is equal encouragement to live life to the full and enjoy the fruits of our labour.

Living and working by those terms has worked well in the past three years so here’s to looking forward to even greater success in the next three.

To find out more about building your business empire from home, simply get in touch.

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