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Transform Your Wellness Journey with Juice Plus+ Bundles

You’re ready to lose some weight. But you’re tired of listening to all that stale, tried-and-true weight loss advice, limiting portions, and exercising more. Well we have created a simple weight loss plan using the fantastic Juice Plus product range. We have 3 bundles, the Quad Bundle, the Trio Bundle and the Duo Bundle.

These come in a four month supply due to the biology of our blood cells (they turn over about every four months) and to make sure you get the best results, but the challenge with the Complete shakes/smoothies is just for 60 days.

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This gives us an easy-to-make healthy, fast food meals that help us feel full and satisfied. We save money and time from planning and preparing meals AND it gives us the will power we need to help us make other changes that are good for us.


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These come in a four month supply due to the biology of our blood cells (they turn over about every four months) and to make sure you get the best results, but the challenge with the Complete shakes/smoothies is just for 60 days.

Discover the Perfect Fit: Our Juice Plus Bundles

Quad Bundle: The Ultimate Nutrition Boost

Elevate your health with our most comprehensive bundle yet. The Quad Bundle combines our full spectrum of Fruit, Vegetable, and Berry Capsules with the added benefits of Omega Capsules, alongside our Complete Shakes in your choice of vanilla, chocolate, or a mix of both. It’s designed for those who leave no stone unturned in their quest for optimal wellness.

Trio Bundle: Essential Health Support

Our Trio Bundle offers a balanced approach to nutrition, featuring our Fruit, Vegetable & Berry Capsules along with Complete Shakes. Perfect for those seeking a strong nutritional foundation to support overall health.

Duo Bundle: The Wellness Starter

Kickstart your wellness journey with the Duo Bundle. Combining the core nutrition of our Fruit and Vegetable Capsules with the convenience of our Complete Shakes, it’s the ideal choice for anyone beginning their path to better health.

Each bundle is tailored to fit your lifestyle and wellness goals, ensuring you get the right support to thrive.

What you get FREE with each Package (Worth €250)

**Orders need to be placed on our website to receive these FREE**

Juice Plus Bundles contains over €250 worth of exclusive bonuses

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Our best selling bundle is our Trio bundle as people have been experiencing the best benefits from using all of the products

What results can I expect from Juice Plus? Firstly the capsules deliver great health benefits ranging from increased energy, improved sleep patterns, weight loss, improvements in hair, skin, nails, digestion etc. What actually happens for most people when they start on the capsules is that firstly their energy level should improve so they will be able to exercise, they will also be drinking more water which will be flushing the toxins out of the body and 9/10 times their taste buds will change which makes it much easier to cut out the crap and follow a clean eating plan but one of the biggest benefits is that the majority of people not only look better but feel better about themselves. 

We’re here to help you on your wellness journey

Why Choose Juice Plus+?

The Science Behind Juice Plus+: Juice Plus+ aligns with your body’s natural cycle, supporting wellness with research-backed nutrition. The program is designed to work with the body’s four-month cycle of blood cell turnover, ensuring that the full benefits of nutrient absorption are realised.

Optimised Nutrition: The Four-Month Transformation Plan is structured to provide a gradual, sustained approach to improving health. This plan not only facilitates the integration of essential nutrients into your diet but also promotes lasting habits for a lifetime of wellness.

Are you on the fence and unsure if one of our Juice Plus Bundles is for you?Are you unsure what to expect if you do make that leap of faith and you decide to take that big step to improving your weight and health?Below you will see People just like you.. who were unsure and who decided to make the leap and commitment to themselves and taking our Juice Plus Bundles everyday.Here's just a small selection of our recent clients

“There is nothing available anywhere else in the world, with or without prescription, that has been clinically proven to do what Juice Plus+ does.”

- Dr. Richard Dubois
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