Juice Plus Quad Bundle


Package Includes:

  • 6 Pouches of Juice Plus complete shakes- chocolate/vanilla or a mix of both.
  • 4 month supply of Juice Plus Fruit, Vegetables, Berry Capsules.
  • 4 month supply of Juice Plus Omega Capsules.
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Unlock Comprehensive Wellness with the Juice Plus Quad Bundle

Elevate your nutrition and wellness journey to new heights with the Juice Plus Quad Bundle. This all-encompassing package combines the best of Juice Plus into one powerful bundle: Fruit, Vegetable & Berry Capsules, Omega Capsules, and Complete Shakes in your choice of vanilla, chocolate, or a mix of both flavors.

Why the Quad Bundle?

  • Full Spectrum Nutrition: With Fruit, Vegetable & Berry Capsules, you’re getting a wide array of nutrients from nature’s best sources.
  • Heart & Brain Health: Omega Capsules support cardiovascular health and cognitive function, making them a crucial part of daily wellness.
  • Meal Replacement Made Easy: Complete Shakes offer a balanced meal with high-quality protein, fiber, and essential nutrients, available in delicious vanilla and chocolate flavours.

Your Path to Balanced Health The Juice Plus+ Quad Bundle is designed for those who refuse to compromise on their health. Whether you’re looking to boost your nutritional intake, support your heart and brain health, or find a convenient meal replacement solution, this bundle has everything you need.

Order Your Quad Bundle Today Take the first step towards a healthier you with the Juice Plus+ Quad Bundle. Choose your shake flavors and start experiencing the benefits of comprehensive plant-based nutrition.

Juice Plus Quad Bundle contains over €250 worth of exclusive bonuses

Shake Flavours

Mixed, Chocolate, Vanilla

Payment Options

Full Payment, 4 Monthly Payments


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