Making of Juice Plus: From Farm to Capsule

Juice Plus has become a household name in the world of nutritional supplements, known for its promise to deliver the benefits of whole fruits and vegetables in a convenient capsule form. This blog post will explore the intricate process behind the making of Juice Plus, shedding light on how these supplements are crafted to maintain their nutritional integrity from farm to capsule.

The Journey from Farm to Capsule 

Juice Plus begins its journey in the fields where a diverse array of fruits, vegetables, and berries are carefully grown. The company emphasizes the use of sustainable farming practices to ensure that the produce is not only of high quality but also environmentally friendly.

Harvesting and Quality Control

Once ripe, the produce is harvested and subjected to rigorous quality control checks. This step is crucial to ensure that only the best quality fruits and vegetables are used in the production of Juice Plus.

Juicing and Drying Process

The harvested produce is then washed and juiced. The juice is carefully dried using proprietary techniques designed to retain as many nutrients as possible. This drying process is key to preserving the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and phytonutrients found in the raw fruits and vegetables.

Creating the Powder Concentrate

The dried juice is then ground into a fine powder. This powder forms the basis of Juice Plus capsules, containing the concentrated goodness of the original produce.




In the final stage, the powder is encapsulated. The capsules are designed to be easily digestible, ensuring that the nutrients are readily absorbed by the body.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Before being packaged and shipped, Juice Plus capsules undergo additional quality assurance tests. These tests are integral to the company’s commitment to product purity and potency.

The process behind the creation of Juice Plus is a blend of nature’s bounty and scientific innovation. From careful selection of produce to advanced drying techniques, each step is tailored to ensure that the final product brings a wholesome nutritional experience to the consumer.

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