Small steps towards a better lifestyle

Drink more water

drink water

Water is so important! It increases your metabolism, and cleans out your system! The best way to flush out toxins is simple: lots and lots of water.
The question is how much water is enough?
Water increases your metabolism so much that if you’re chronically dehydrated, it can mean up to an 8-pound weight gain or more per year! Your challenge is to aim to drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water per day. For example, someone who weights 150 pounds should be drinking 75 ounces of water a day. This will be a gradual thing start small and work it up!

This has always been something that I struggle with, however recently I’ve been aiming to drink a large glass of water before each meal and don’t allow myself to start the meal until the glass is finished and so far it’s really working!
But you don’t have to drink it plain; you can add a little flavour as well with these delicious (and detoxifying) additions. Add all of these to a large jug or bottle of water and drink throughout the next day for an effective way to detox! It helps to let these pieces soak overnight in your fridge to let the flavours meld.

Lemon: Lemon water makes for a powerful detox drink; lemon juice helps to cleanse and alkalize the body. Add one thinly sliced lemon to a large pitcher, or squeeze fresh lemon juice into your glass.
Mint: Mint adds a touch of sweetness without the sugar to your water, and it also helps settle your stomach and aids in digestion as well.
Cucumber: Cucumber water isn’t just for spas. Adding a few slices of cucumber to your water makes for excellent rehydration, and cucumber contains anti-inflammatory properties, as well.

Ginger: The spicy root helps cleanse out your system, aids in digestion, and settles your stomach. A little goes a long way, so start with a few thin slices or grate a tiny piece into your water and taste before adding more as necessary.
We can all mistake thirst for hunger too, which leads to eating more unnecessary calories!
If like me you struggle with drinking water, try my little trick and if you have any other tricks for staying hydrated let us know in the comments below!

Clear Out Your Kitchen

junk foodr

One of the easiest ways to get healthy and lose weight is to clear out the junk food that’s lurking in your kitchen cupboards, fridge, and freezer. Once you’ve gotten rid of unhealthy foods in your cupboards, replace them with lots of wholesome options — fruits, veggies, whole grains, and lean proteins — so you won’t feel deprived.

Cut out sugar

cut out sugar

Sugar has to be one of the worst things you can consume. Now when I talk about sugar, I’m talking about the processed kind not the natural sugars you find in foods like fruit. Processed sugar has absolutely no nutritional value to the body and strips nutrients as it passes through the digestive system. It’s called empty calories for a reason. In fact recent studies have shown that sugar has the same addictive effects on the brain as cocaine. So when you consume it you will automatically want more. Sugar also spikes your insulin levels, which leads to increased fat storage on the body. I really could go on and on with the negative effects this has to the body, which is why it’s so important to start cutting it from your diet. The bad thing about sugar is it’s actually in everything. So many processed packaged foods contain it that you wouldn’t even think of. So start reading your food labels and become aware of what foods have it added in. Then start to cut those out. It can be quite intense when you first cut sugar as the body goes through withdrawal symptoms, but once it’s out of your diet completely you will feel so much better for it, trust me!

Meal plan and prep

meal prep

If you want to eat healthy then you need to get organised with your food. Not having healthy options in the fridge will mean you run the risk of making unhealthy choices or not eating at all! So what we find works for us if at the beginning of the week we will work out what Seamy, (my hubby does all the cooking in our home) will be making for dinners each night, we then write out our grocery list and stick to that at the supermarket. This avoids picking up unwanted food items and will save you money in the long term! It can seem like a lot of work to begin with but the more you practice and the easier it becomes. Also with little kids its important to be super organised!

Get plenty of sleep

get sleep

Getting a good night’s rest is so important to a healthy lifestyle. When you sleep properly your body is able to function better, not just physically but mentally and emotionally too. Having a bad night’s sleep can also slow your metabolism down which is why it’s so important to get into the habit of sleeping 7 to 8 hours a night. Studies have shown that people who are sleep deprived tend to crave higher-fat, greasier, and sugary comfort foods like ice cream and salty snacks. If you are one to go to bed late because you stay up late watching T.V or are on the computer on social media, start by restricting these things one hour before your planned bedtime. Get yourself into a nightly ritual before bed that will allow you to unwind and get to sleep easily. Things like reading, taking a hot bath or some gentle stretching can be hugely beneficial to getting off to bed and into a deep sleep more easily.

Remove negative self-talk

negative talk

Being healthy isn’t just about having a healthy body, it’s also about having a healthy mind and outlook on life. Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy and put ourselves down so much. But don’t listen to that negative voice inside your head. It’s the one that pops up whenever you have to do something that takes you out of your comfort zone. Now I have to admit, I have been guilty of this many times in the past and I’m still working on it now. What you think about is often what you become. Every time the negative voice starts, immediately stop it in it’s tracks and start thinking more positively. It might be hard to begin with but when you begin to do it more regularly it will become a lot easier to snap out of it when that negative voice makes an appearance. Positive thoughts attract positive results, try it, it really works!

Now remember you don’t need to try and tackle these all at once. Start with one or two, let them become good solid habits in your life and then move on to the next. You don’t just need to stick to these either. Sit down and think about what habits you can create for yourself that will help you achieve your goals.

Remember it’s never to late to make a change!

If you aren’t happy with the way your body looks or feels-make a lifestyle change. Its never too late to start eating healthier and exercising you will be surprised how small changes can make you feel.

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