Why not start a Juice Plus+ franchise – it’s good for you

“Don’t sell Juice Plus+ – it’s all sounds too good to be true,” my husband said three years ago.
“Juice Plus+ sounds like a pyramid scheme,” a friend warned when I revealed my new found love for the product.
I must admit I too was sceptical about the whole thing. In fact if it hadn’t been for the respectable nature of the gentleman who first introduced me to Juice Plus+ then I would probably never have taken the leap of faith that I did.
My husband and I are now delighted that we took the road less travelled though.
Indeed after a few months of both taking the product and encouraging others to do the same I thought: ‘Where have you been all my life, Juice Plus+.’

In hindsight, starting a franchise business, which involves selling a product that transformed my health and would soon transform my life, was a no brainer. Of course it was a daunting prospect in the beginning. I was completely new to what’s known as network marketing. I tried my best to ignore advice from people who had for whatever reason misinterpreted what the franchise model was all about.
I didn’t give in to the intentions of the scaremongers who branded it a pyramid scheme. For a start I knew that a pyramid scheme involved investing heavily in stock. Then of course was the small matter of pyramid schemes being completely illegal.

It helped enormously that my mentor in Juice Plus+ was a former school principal. He’s a pillar of his community who in his spare time runs his own thriving franchise business. That’s the whole joy of the Juice Plus+ business model. Franchise owners can run hugely successful businesses on their own time. There is no financial investment required, only your time. Return on investment is measured in commission gained from sales. It is a concept that is an integral part of the Irish dream; the harder you work, the more money you make. Everyone works for each other which encourages tremendous teamwork in the Juice Plus+ family.

Most importantly though is the product, which is the highest standard whole food supplement you’ll find anywhere.
Becoming a successful mentor is all about finding the right people to work with. It’s about partnerships that click.
The people I work with come from various walks of life. They include stay at home mums, school teachers, high flying professionals and already successful business people.

My greatest partner of all, however, is my husband Seamus – a man who would never have entertained the idea several years ago. Coming from a traditional business background and working on the assumption that you never get something for nothing, Seamus soon came to believe that rethink was in order. Both the high quality of the product – which he discovered through using it – and the warm reactions of those who purchased it helped change his mind quite quickly.

Seamus is now one of the key advocates for the business model and reaped the rewards from it in a time when his own business was destroyed by economic crisis and construction crash. It did take a leap of faith but it is one which has paid off for us and those we mentor. So when someone tells you “don’t sell Juice Plus+” I agree with them – I say don’t sell Juice Plus+ until you read our story.

To find out more about how to start a new and rewarding career as a Juice Plus+ franchisee simply get in touch.

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