Healthy Starts For Families


The Juice Plus+ Healthy Starts for Families program is designed to improve the nutrition of families by offering Juice Plus+ products to children for free with a qualifying adult purchase of Fruit & Vegetable capsules or Fruit, Vegetable & Berry capsules. The goal is to encourage healthier eating habits by incorporating more fruits and vegetables into daily diets, supporting overall well-being.


  • Juice Plus+ Fruit & Vegetable capsules (Over 12 Years Old) or
  • Juice Plus Fruit & Vegetable chewables (Under 12 Years Old)


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Empower Your Family’s Health with Juice Plus+ Healthy Starts

Welcome to a world where nourishing your family becomes easier and more enjoyable! The Juice Plus+ Healthy Starts for Families program is designed to bring the goodness of whole food-based nutrition directly to your home. It’s our mission to support families in laying the foundation for a lifetime of healthy habits.

Why Choose Healthy Starts for Families?

  • Nutritional Support for the Whole Family: Receive Juice Plus+ products that serve as the perfect nutritional complement, ensuring your loved ones get the essential vitamins and minerals they need.
  • Educational Resources: Gain access to valuable tips, recipes, and guides that make healthy living fun and attainable for all ages.
  • Community Support: Join a vibrant community of families who share your commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

Join Us Today Transform your family’s health with the support of Juice Plus+ Healthy Starts. Together, let’s cultivate healthier habits that last a lifetime.

HSF Options

F&V Capsules, F&V Chewables


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