Juice Plus Fruit & Vegetable Chewables


Perfect for kids and adults who prefer not to take pills, Juice Plus+ Fruit & Vegetable Blend Chewables offer a tasty way to enhance your diet. These vegan chews pack the nutritional power of 20 different fruits and vegetables, along with essential vitamins, into a convenient gummy form.

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Discover the Joy of Nutritious Snacking with Juice Plus+ Fruit & Vegetable Chewables

Welcome to a world where nutrition meets convenience and taste! Juice Plus+ Fruit & Vegetable Blend Chewables are your family’s new favourite way to enjoy the goodness of whole fruits and vegetables. Perfect for both children and adults, especially those who prefer not to swallow capsules, our chewables are designed to complement your daily diet with the added nutrition from 20 different fruits, vegetables, and select vitamins and plant-based ingredients.

Why Choose Juice Plus+ Chewables?

  • Packed with Variety: Enjoy the nutritional benefits of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables in every bite.
  • Whole Food Based: We harness the full spectrum of nature’s bounty by including peels, leaves, and seeds to maximize nutritional value.
  • Vegan-Friendly: Crafted to cater to everyone, our chewables are vegan, making them accessible and enjoyable for all dietary preferences.
  • Convenient Nutrition: No more struggles with swallowing capsules. Get your daily dose of vitamins and nutrients in a fun, easy-to-consume format.

The Benefits:

Juice Plus+ Chewables are more than just a tasty treat; they are a leap towards better health. By integrating the best parts of fruits and vegetables into your daily routine, you’re supporting your body’s needs for optimal function every day. Whether it’s bolstering your immune system, enhancing your skin’s radiance, or simply filling the gaps in your diet, our chewables are here to make a difference.

Ready to Transform Your Snacking?

Embrace the delightful and nutritious world of Juice Plus+ Fruit & Vegetable Chewables. Perfect for the whole family, these chewables are your step towards a healthier lifestyle, wrapped in a delicious, convenient package.

Join us in celebrating the power of fruits and vegetables. Try Juice Plus+ Chewables today and taste the difference in your health journey!

›› Includes: Apples, oranges, pineapples, acerola cherries, peaches, mangoes, prunes, dates, beetroot, cranberries and citrus fruit.
Contains Vitamins A, C and E and Folic Acid.

›› Includes: Carrots, parsley, broccoli, kale, cabbage,tomatoes, spinach, garlic and sugar beet.
Contains Vitamins A, C and E and Folic Acid.

+ Carefully produced to maximise the quality of the wholefood nutrition the capsules deliver.
+ The Juice Plus+ Fruit & Vegetable Chewables are certified with Informed Choice – the global standard in sports nutrition quality control

Juice Plus+ is currently available for delivery in the following countries:

Ireland, United Kingdom (UK), United States (USA), Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Netherlands, Mexico, Belgium, Norway, Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark, Portugal, Finland, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, Israel, United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Luxembourg

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