Juice Plus Vs Multivitamins

Juice Plus Vs Multivitamins

The purpose of the article is to clear up a misconception that Juice Plus is a multivitamin, and explain the difference between whole food nutrition i.e. Juice Plus and manmade synthetic multivitamins. Our bodies can only absorb small amounts of nutrients at any one time, and not the large amounts that are contained in most manmade synthetic multivitamins we can buy in most shops or pharmacies, if the synthetics are absorbed by the body at all.

How much are you flushing down the toilet

If you were to look at the amounts of vitamin C that is found in foods, take an Orange for example, has between 60-80 mg of vitamin C, is relatively small compared to the amounts of vitamin C found in some multivitamins. Manmade synthetic vitamins are synthesised, isolated, and are not always from natural sources, and are not always bioavailable. Synthetic vitamins are foreign to the human body and your body will expel as much of it as possible. It is questionable how much of the vitamins is even entering your system and how much money you are, literally flushing down the toilet by using synthetic vitamins.

When you eat real food, you’re not consuming a nutrients, but rather a whole range of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients that work synergistically together. This makes sure that you body can absorb as much of everything as it needs as possible. For example, studies show that natural vitamin E is absorbed twice as efficiently as synthetic vitamin E.

Orange Vs Vitamin C

Compare Juice Plus with synthetic vitamins

How does Juice Plus compare to synthetic vitamins, you a really can’t compare them. Juice Plus is a whole food concentrate supplement, not a manmade synthetic supplement. Juice Plus was developed because:

  • We do not eat enough fruits and vegetables.
  • We cannot always get seasonal, fresh produce.
  • The soil and our foods can be very nutrient deficient.
  • We do not eat the dense nutritious fruits and vegetables. If we do, we cook them and destroy a large part of the necessary enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. Keep in mind frozen, processed, and canned foods can be deficient, to say nothing of foods that are shipped in from distant places that are losing their nutrient value.
  • We do not eat a variety of fruits and vegetables.
  • We know that Juice Plus+ is bioavailable. Do you know if the supplements you are taking are bioavailable?

Most people believe that eating more fruit and vegetables is good for them, they help to boost their immune system, and give them all the necessary nutrients their bodies need. But when those same fruits and vegetables are turned into concentrated powders and put into a capsule, these same people become suspicious and wonder how we get fruits and vegetables in a capsule. Juice Plus+ is not dehydrated fruits and vegetables. It is the concentrated, fresh juice powders. If you remove all the water from a glass of orange juice, what would be left is the powder, which is the concentrate.

The Power of Synergy

It’s believed the synergistic effects of phytonutrients in fruits and vegetables are responsible for their potent antioxidant activities, and the health promoting effects that we see in diets rich in fruit and vegetables. This explains why no single antioxidant can replace the combination of natural phytonutrients in fruits and vegetables to achieve the health benefits. The whole sum total is greater than it’s parts. If your supplements aren’t giving you whole foods, but instead isolated forms of nutrients, you need to rethink your vitamins.

Juice Plus Research

The research that has been done on Juice Plus is extraordinary to say the least. Juice Plus has almost 40 published medical studies and there is not enough room on this article to go through them all, but here an overview of some of these:

  • One research paper done in June 1996 showed how absorbable Juice Plus+ is. This was published in The Journal of Current Therapeutic Research (vol. 57, June 6, 1996). It demonstrated that taking Juice Plus+ for only 28 days increased beta-carotene 510%, alpha-carotene 119%, and lutein increased by 44%. Lycopene increased by 2, 046% and alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E) increased by 58%. These were all blood studies. Blood was drawn before, during, and after the experiment.
  • Another study at the University of Arizona measured the effects Juice Plus+ has on the immune system. The results showed that after taking Juice Plus+, T-cells were increased (they fight cancer and viruses), natural killer cells increased (these attack tumor cells and infections), and cytokines increased (hormone-like substances that stimulate the immune system).
  • A DNA study was done at the medical department at Brigham Young University. The average age of participants was 68 years. This study showed that the antioxidants contained within Juice Plus+ significantly reduced the level of DNA damage in the body. When the DNA gets damaged, cells begin to mutate into cancer cells and the immune system is weakened.

These studies have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Juice Plus+ is not only absorbed through the digestive tract, but affects the interior cells of the body. The double edge research shows that nutrient contents of blood are affected plus the immune system is improved at all ages.

The supplements you choose are entirely up to you. Just make sure there is research to back up the bioavailability. Juice Plus+ has been proven to be bioavailable

Juice Plus Research

JUICE PLUS+ is the most thoroughly researched brand name nutritional product on the market today. Since the 1st clinical research study involving JUICE PLUS+ was published in 1996, 38 clinical studies were conducted on JUICE PLUS+ by researchers at leading hospitals & universities, & were published in many peer-reviewed journals focused on nutrition science, exercise physiology, cardiology & other disciplines. Even more clinical studies on JUICE PLUS+ are underway.

Gold Standard of Scientific Evidence

It’s impressive that Juice Plus+ was subject to 38 published research papers. But what stands out is their quality. In medical research, certain types of studies are considered “Gold Sandard” of scientific evidence, producing results that are untainted by bias. These studies are characterized by the following 5 traits:

  1. Clinical: A clinical study is performed in humans, as opposed to animals, cells or test tubes.
  2. Placebo-controlled: A placebo-controlled study tests effects of active pill or intervention vs. identical “dummy pill”.
  3. Double-blind: When neither the researchers nor the participants know who is receiving the active pill or intervention & who is receiving the placebo, the study is called “double-blind”.
  4. Randomised: In a randomised study, subjects are randomly assigned to 1 of few study groups, which help ensure the resulting groups have similar characteristics.
  5. Peer-reviewed: A professional or scientific journal in which every article was reviewed by other experts in the field, allowing them to evaluate the validity of a study before itis published, is known as “peer-reviewed”.

All of the 38 studies conducted on Juice Plus+ are human clinical studies, and most of them are placebo-controlled, double-blind, and randomised. All have been published in peer-reviewed professional and scientific journals.

Juice Plus Vs Multivitamins

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